Wesley UMC Hides and Hand-Delivers Eggs for Surprise Community Easter Egg Hunt


By Ansley Brackin
Communications Specialist

Wesley UMC in Evans is taking Easter egg hunting to a whole new level. After watching an inspirational TED Talk about how Christmas lights influenced guerrillas soldiers to lay down their weapons, Rev. Adam Hilderbrandt decided to take Easter inspiration into the Evans community. He invited his congregation to deliver and hide Easter eggs all around town.

Members were asked to take at least six eggs and fill them with small gifts, like a dollar bill, hard candy, or a bouncy ball. Each egg also contained a note that read “This egg is a gift from your friends at Wesley UMC, wishing you a happy Easter. This note is from one of our members.” Members also wrote what they found at Wesley UMC that made them stay. On the back, they listed the worship times.

They began on Wednesday, March 11, assembling the small surprises, then leaving them on neighbors’ steps, cars, and hiding them in the park. Some 3,000 eggs were distributed on that Sunday alone, and the congregation aims to pass out 3,000 more before Easter Sunday.

“It helps break down some of the barriers of actually having a conversation, without any pressure,” explained Hilderbrandt, who serves as assoicate pastor of the church. “People are always looking for something tangible to do with some sort of safety net.”

The church is already seeing the fruits of their labor.

One participant, Hilderbrandt’s six-year-old daughter, inspired her best friend and the friend's family to visit the church by giving her an egg at school.

A youth member also learned that a friend was given an egg by a church member while at the grocery store.

As they continue to distribute the eggs, they hope to see new faces on and after Easter Sunday.

“Easter should be this unexpected surprise for all of us,” Hilderbrandt says.

He is happy for other churches to use the idea in their own communities for Easter or any other event.

It is an opportunity to “break down the walls of evangelism.”