The United Methodist Children's Home Needs Your Help


The United Methodist Children’s Home had an amazing year in 2013. Incredible room renovations, a fun night with the Gwinnett Braves and other happenings made for noteworthy stories throughout the North Georgia Conference.

It’s safe to say that the organization embraces the children and families it supports with love and positive attention on behalf of the whole North Georgia Conference. Now, as 2014 begins, The United Methodist Children’s Home is in need of some love and positive attention from its United Methodist supporters.

The United Methodist Men have already taken the first steps in assisting the home by walking the campus alongside the dedicated staff to identify the areas and issues that need helping hands.

During a recent United Methodist Men’s Breakfast Meeting, staff members explained that devoting an hour of service to the children’s home is like donating $20. While giving a 20 dollar bills is a simpler way of contributing, physical service is truly needed right now.

Please download the PDF below and sign up to serve in any area that you can. The United Methodist Children’s Home appreciate your Godly service. 

List of Service Dates