Why Your Youth Should Be Going To Spiritual Life Retreat


By Ansley Brackin
Communications Specialist for North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church 

Spiritual Life Retreat is a yearly event for youth that time and time again never disappoints its participants. Both youth and youth leaders give the highest praise to the always anticipated retreat.

“I think the youth like it so much because they get to meet youth from all over the conference,” says youth leader Lisa Springer of St. Andrews UMC. “They like to take time apart from their crazy busy schedules to recharge and reconnect with their faith.  I also think it is encouraging to them to see so many other youth doing the same thing.”

Rain or shine Spiritual Life receives high ratings from the St. Andrew’s family who are always impressed by the music and guest speakers included in the get-away. The President of Conference Council on Youth Ministries, Caroline Hale, sees the importance of these pieces in Spiritual Life Retreat’s success.

“I believe that all youth groups should attend SLR to meet new friends from the conference, worship with fantastic speakers and bands and spend a fun weekend at Camp Glisson,” Hale says.

Throughout the many years that Springer has attended with St. Andrew’s youth, she has always had faith in how the program is operated.

She explains, “The format enables the youth to make new friends but there is still plenty of time to hang with their own youth group”.

She also finds it helpful to the leaders.

“As a Youth Leader, I love it because everything is done for you so you really get to hang and experience SLR with your youth.  So many times on retreats when you are in charge or speaking, you don't feel you really get to just hang with the youth.”

There is something for everyone in attendance at Spiritual Life Retreat. Both youth and youth leader can find opportunities to make new connections along with so much more

“Spiritual Life Retreat is an amazing weekend because of the way it helps you grow in your faith,” Hale explains.

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