United Methodists Reach Out to Community in Search for Missing Child


Earlier this week a child, now reunited with her family, was reported missing from a home just steps from Simpsonwood UMC and Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Peachtree Corners. As volunteers, police, GBI and neighbors converged on the area to help in the search, United Methodists served as good neighbors.

"Yesterday, our community was the epitome of the Body of Christ," said Rev. Amanda Garvin, Associate Pastor of Simpsonwood UMC. "There was a constant flow of police and community members coming in and out of our buildings. All gathered together for a common purpose: to help find [this child]. Prayers were offered up throughout the day. Others called the church and showed up at the police command center to find out how they could help. An abundance of food and drink were provided for the police and search teams."

The church parking lot served as a staging area for law enforcement, search parties and news media.

Simpsonwood Retreat Center opened its pavilion and athletic field to law enforcement, and that evening invited search crews down to the dining room for dinner. They also delivered water and bagged snacks to volunteers. 

Before midnight the child was found by a neighbor not far from her home. 

"What an amazing example of caring for the community, of loving those in our community, and being the Body of Christ," said Garvin.