Inmate Students Awarded Certificates in Theological Studies


Eighteen inmate students were awarded a Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) in a graduation ceremony at Lee Arrendale State Prison for Women last month. The CTS program is a collaboration between the Atlanta Theological Association (ATA) and Arrendale State Prison’s Chaplaincy Department. The program was co-founded in 2009 by Candler School of Theology's Elizabeth Bounds, associate professor of Christian Ethics, along with alumna Susan Bishop, chaplain at the prison.

Candler students serve
 as teachers, while faculty from Candler and other Atlanta seminaries oversee the coursework.

Those receiving their CTS complete one year of rigorous, academic theological education, including a final capstone project. Participating in the CTS program enables them to practice and further develop academic skills, thus keeping them mentally active and preparing them for spiritual leadership and further education upon release.

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