A New Tradition: All Clergy to Participate in 2017 Ordination Service


UPDATE: Registration for the clergy processional is now closed.

A new tradition will begin at Annual Conference 2017. This spring, Bishop Sue, the Cabinet, and the Board of Ordained Ministry invited all clergy, including local pastors, to register to participate in the Service of Ordination and Commissioning at Annual Conference on Wednesday, June 14, at 7:30 pm in the Classic Center Theater.  (Note that registration is now closed.)

Participation will involve forming a processional to accompany the candidates for commissioning and ordination and their sponsors into the service and to sit together surrounding them for the entire service. Clergy who participate are to will wear black robe and stole. Elders and deacons should wear a red stole appropriate to their order.

"The Bishop, Cabinet, and Board encouraged broad participation and the beginning of a new North Georgia tradition that surrounds our new colleagues and welcomes them into the covenant community of clergy," said Rev. Jane Brooks, Director of Ministerial Services.

To participate clergy MUST have registered in advance so that adequate seating could be reserved. Only those who registered in advance may process.