Action Ministries Sunday is December 4


Action Ministries is excited about this special annual opportunity to tell its story and engage the churches of the North Georgia Conference with neighbors in need.

On any given night, there are hundreds of families with children living in extended stay hotels that dot the north Georgia landscape. There are thousands more who are one paycheck, health crisis or car repair bill away from homelessness. In Georgia, we have the second highest rate of homeless veterans in the U.S., and we are in the top 10 for overall poverty rates in the nation. About 1 million of our kids are considered food-insecure.

On a recent visit to an extended stay hotel where his nonprofit serves, Action Ministries’ CEO and President John Moeller was stunned to learn that his companion on the visit, a highly successful CEO for a large Georgia corporation, had lived with her mother in a similar place while in high school.

She commented, “If it hadn’t been for people like you, in the church, coming in and helping, I’m not sure where I would be today.” 

Today, the church has a bold and unique opportunity to step into the stories of their neighbors in need—those struggling with poverty, homelessness, hunger and a lack of education—and help them write a new chapter in their lives. With the help of the NGUMC Special Offering, Action Ministries can Raise the Roof over the heads of families in need, providing them with the foundational pillars of hunger relief, housing and educational opportunities. 

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