Bishop Sue Visits Hurricane Matthew Sites, Calls for North Georgia Teams


North Georgia's bishop recently traveled to disaster response sites in South Carolina and North Carolina to visit with residents, talk with Conference leaders, and to offer a hand from our Annual Conference to theirs. 

She spent time in both Nichols, SC, and Lumberton, NC -- two of the towns where Hurricane Matthew's landfall in October caused the most destruction. Flooding wasn't predicted in either location and the damage was unexpected, devastating, and wide-spread. In Nichols, 85 percent of the homes and businesses were flooded and are uninhabitable. In Robeson County, where Lumberton is located, 5,000 residents are displaced. This includes a United Methodist church and the long-standing United Methodist ministry, the Robeson County Church and Community Center.

"We are here because North Georgia is one of the only Annual Conferences in the SEJ that is unaffected by natural disaster," explained Bishop Sue. "There is work to do here. Suffering is in our back yard. Please bring teams." 

Here are some of the details to share with your church. 

Where are North Georgia teams needed? 
There are disaster response sites from Virginia to Florida and from Alabama to Louisiana and across Tennessee. Teams are spread more thin than leaders can ever remember. North Georgia has targeted Nichols, SC, and Lumberton, NC, to focus our efforts. There are two places were there is great need and where our teams can currently make the biggest difference. Both are approximately a 5 hour drive from the Atlanta area. 

Who can help?
Teams of all skill levels are needed in both locations. From college students, to Bible study groups, to experienced mission teams, there is a place you can serve. 

What is the timeline? 
Teams are needed in the coming weeks and across the entire next year or longer.

How do we sign up to help? 
For South Carolina, contact Chuck Marshall at 803-386-7217
For North Carolina, contact or 888-440-9167 

Who in North Georgia help me determine the best way to help?
The Conference Mission Specialist, Rev. Scott Parrish, can help answer your questions and give you direction, which can be especially helpful for a first time volunteer! Email him at

What about giving? 
There are two excellent ways to give.

  • The Robeson County Church and Community Center in Lumberton is a resource to the entire region. Gifts to this United Methodist ministry that lost everything in the flood will have a wide-spread positive affect on the community. Use United Methodist Advance Special #791742.
  • Giving to UMCOR US Disaster Response helps all our neighbors facing disaster recovery. Give using North Georgia Conference Fund #4390. 
Are goods needed or UMCOR kits? 
Thanks to the generosity of many, there is not a need for UMCOR kits in North or South Carolina. We ask that unless specifically requested by a disaster site, that no one send any goods. The storage of and disposal of donations puts an unnecessary burden on the community already dealing with disaster. UMCOR is in need of bedding kits and health kits in Tennessee. Here are instructions on assembling kits.