Bishop Sue Welcomes Input on District Superintendent Selection


Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson invites Conference laity and clergy to submit names of individuals they see as possessing gifts that would lend themselves to the office of District Superintendent. She has established a special email address to receive the suggestions. Read the letter from Bishop Sue below: 


Dear North Georgia Conference Clergy and Laity:
One of my priorities as your bishop is to name respected and gifted clergy leaders as district superintendents. To help me make the most informed decisions possible, I invite you to submit the names of those individuals you have seen possess gifts that would lend themselves well to this office. I ask you to pray for the Holy Spirit’s confirmation of your nominee/s before submitting a name/s.
The role of the superintendent has changed in the last few years, and there are some qualities that I would like for any new D.S. to have. Here are some of my considerations:

  1. I will give due consideration to the inclusiveness of The United Methodist Church with respect to sex, race, national origin, physical challenge, and age.
  2. I invite you to read over paragraphs 418-19 of The Book of Discipline and see who comes to mind as you consider these roles and duties of the superintendent.
  3. The fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, generosity, and self-control) should be evident in their lives for all to see.
  4. They should live disciplined lives in the sense that they are true “Method-ists”: daily attending to the means of grace and living as mature disciples of Jesus Christ. I need people of prayer more intent on following the Holy Spirit than going their own way.
  5. They should work and play well with others, promoting unity and building bridges. I want a team player who will work well with the Cabinet. I don’t mind strong personalities, but I cannot abide pettiness, meanness, and ugliness. Respect for others is essential, and I want folks who are widely respected throughout the annual conference.
  6. High on my list: those who think strategically and see the big picture.
  7. I would like folks who have been fruitful and effective in their previous appointments.
  8. They need to be innovative, creative, and willing to envision Church in new ways, while keeping what is best and working now.
  9. They need to be good listeners who pay attention. They need to communicate hope and be committed to creating a culture of joy.
  10. They will need to be able to make difficult decisions and conduct difficult conversations. They will need to be courageous and not shrink from being agents of change.
  11. They will need to be honest with me and tell me when I have a bad idea.

I invite you to submit your nominations, with an explanation of why you think a nominee would make a good D.S., to on or before December 5, 2017. I ask all clergy and laity to be in prayer for God’s guidance and wisdom in the selection of new superintendents.

Thank you for your prayers and input regarding these important decisions.

Grace and peace,
Bishop Sue