BSA Bankruptcy Update: Action Needed


In October of 2020, local churches that charter Boy Scout programs, even if the programs aren’t currently active, were urged to file a “proof of claim" in the BSA bankruptcy case. The North Georgia Conference retained a legal firm and paid the initial legal expense related to the filing of the proof of claim for local churches in our Conference. 

This filing was a necessary measure and gives church Trustees the opportunity to vote on the settlement agreement.

After months of mediation to achieve a settlement in the BSA bankruptcy and working with annual conferences about voting on the plan, there is not a signed settlement that would bring healing to the survivors and a release from claims against United Methodist local churches and other United Methodist entities. 

Read the recommendation from the United Methodist Ad Hoc Committee: "Congregations Urged to Vote No on BSA Bankruptcy Plan."

District Superintendents received information this week about steps to move forward. This information is important, time-sensitive, and requires action by some.

  • Churches that did not file a Proof of Claim: Take no action. 
  • Churches that filed a Proof of Claim: Clergy should check their email for information on next steps. 
  • Nov. 30, 2021  – Guidance issued by GCFA and sent to District Superintendents
  • December 9-12, 2021  – Charge Conferences to empower church Board of Trustees to cast ballot 
  • December 28, 2021, 4 pm EST – All ballots must be received (postmark is not sufficient)
Please be in prayer for the survivors and everyone involved in this mediation.