Cabinet Launches Paperwork Reduction Plan


Shorter Charge Conference checklist? ✓ Check! 

The Conference Cabinet has been working this spring and summer on an effort to reduce the amount of paperwork churches and church leaders are required to complete each year. 

"Our intention is to streamline reporting, and for all the districts to get on the same page about what information we're collecting and what is essential," said Rev. Dr. Mike Long, Atlanta-Emory District Superintendent. 

This means churches will see fewer required reports this Charge Conference season. 

Reports that remain are what the cabinet sees as essential, including Lay Leadership-Nominations, Lay Delegates to Annual Conference, Church Treasurer and Trustees reports, Pastor's Report, among others. 

Charge Conference reports are completed online through Data Services by clergy or authorized staff or lay people.

The new reporting system is in place and active now.