Camp and Retreat Ministries Publishes First-Ever Impact Report


In 2015, North Georgia's Camp and Retreat Ministries built its biggest ministry facility to date, expanded its lodging facilities to offer the most bed space ever, hosted more Grow Day Camp sites than any summer before, and served the most campers in all five North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries programs (Village, Outpost, Sparrowwood, ELI, and Grow) ... ever!

God did such glorious work this year through Camp and Retreat Ministries that the organization decided to put it on paper (and digital PDF) to celebrate and share. 
"Whether you're a former or current camper, retreat guest, summer staff member (or you're related to one) or you just like who we are and what we're about, you're a part of the family -- part of how we got to where we've gotten and made the impact we've made," explained Glisson. 

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