Clergy Check-In, Share Advice in Recent Survey


Over the last two weeks, nearly 500 North Georgia clergy completed a check-in survey to help their District Superintendents and Conference staff know about the challenges they are facing, where they see the Holy Spirit at work, and what they've learned so far during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The five question survey took clergy about 5 minutes to complete. 

Some of the challenges lifted up in the survey included technology, pastoral care, and serving our communities effectively. The Center for Congregational Excellence has produced four videos that address some of the obstacles and opportunities we all face doing ministry in uncharted territory. Find the videos here.

Clergy offered hundreds of messages of hope and advice for each other in the survey. Just a few of those messages are below:

  • You are not alone in this journey. With so many new things taking place in the world around us, we need each other to make it through.  
  • The ways you're able to connect right now, God is using. Sometimes we feel like we're not doing enough, especially online or digitally, but what you ARE doing, God is using.
  • God is with us! God does not dwell in a building.
  • God is doing beautiful things even if we mess up the live streaming or say the wrong prayer. As long as we can laugh and seek peace we'll be better prepared for whatever comes next.
  • We often say, if I could start over again, I would do... Well, now we can!
  • I’ve seen some well-meaning but judgmental statements on social media about clergy/church practices. We have enough to deal with without judging. Let's lift one another up during this challenging season.
  • If you fail at something it just means you were willing to try something new. Learn from it, adapt, and keep going. Your people care more about effort than perfection.
  • Don’t neglect caring for yourself and pouring into your significant relationships during this time.
  • This is an amazing opportunity to emphasize church as a movement in the community (rather than a building in the community). Let's be innovative and develop tools we can utilize even after we get back in our buildings. Truly an amazing opportunity.
  • In times of great suffering, we can show great love.
  • Give yourself some grace.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Let's simply do all the good we can!