Congregational Excellence Launches Digital Content Creation Workshops


The Center For Congregational Excellence launched a new kind of workshop to add to their list of resources. Digital Content Creation Workshops are part of a resource initiative started by Digital Ministry Specialist, Rev. Jessica Blackwood, to provide an opportunity for digital communicators to meet and share content strategies. The first of these workshops were hosted by local churches in the North East and Central East districts of our conference. 

Participants included pastors, church communication directors, and volunteers. This multi-generational workshop functioned as a co-working space where church leaders operated as sounding boards with one another, taught each other on new graphics programs, and worked through common struggles, like how to determine social media posting times and content. 

Their time together allowed them to connect with others in similar and varying responsibilities. Each participant brought current projects to work on. Some spent the time learning to format an e-newsletter, others exploring Some worked on projects such as designing graphics for Lent, creating a posting schedule, and web design.