Bright Star Launches 'Coins & Care' Fellowship at Local Laundromat


Bright Star UMC in Douglasville is excited to share love with the local community through its "Coins & Care" outreach.  At least once a month, volunteers gather at a local laundromat for a creative fellowship. The team greets and welcomes customers and blesses them with a Care Packet that includes laundry detergent, quarters to wash and dry clothes, information on upcoming community events that the church is sponsoring, and details on how to connect with Bright Star UMC.

The "All Washed Up" laundromat is a supportive partner that has openly welcomed this creative fellowship. Employees have complimented Bright Star for supporting their customers and have dedicated space for the team to set up a care station. 

Community members have expressed sincere appreciation for the warm greetings, smiling faces, and nurturing hearts that they have encountered. Many of these customers experience financial challenges. Some of them even wash clothes at home and use the dryers at the laundromat to reduce their laundry expenses. Receiving an additional $5 to $10 of support has helped these customers to access a resource that several of us take for granted. The Bright Star team has enjoyed meeting and praying with community members at the laundromat. Several customers have been moved to tears and have expressed thanks for being seen, heard, and loved.

Rev. Orlando Evans, senior pastor, is committed to continuing creative outreach and looks forward to expanding the laundromat ministry to include a monthly Sunday worship experience.

If your church would like to launch a similar ministry, it's easy to get started. Bright Star shares that initial steps should include:
1.  Identifying at least 2 volunteers to plan the event
2.  Establishing a relationship with a local laundromat
3.  Identifying a day and time for the outreach
4. Assembling care bags that include $5 to $10 in quarters, a single serve packet of laundry detergent, and details about your local church.

The "Coins & Care" outreach is a wonderful way to extend the love of Christ beyond the walls of the church. For more information, you may contact Rev. Orlando Evans at


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