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Leading in the Wilderness: Four Part Series for Clergy and Church Leadership


With the current pandemic, pastors and church leaders find ourselves doing ministry in uncharted territory. We have not been here before and yet we find ourselves navigating a paradigm shift that requires that we rethink church, relationship, and ministry. We are in a time much like the children of Israel in the exodus feeling like we are wandering in the wilderness without a clear direction.

Amid this paradigm shift, the Wilderness is a four-part video series designed to offer pastors resources and best practices in the areas of hospitality, leadership, small groups, and service. 

  • Hospitality in the Wilderness focuses on guest readiness. It explores how to connect with the congregation and guests in a digital worship medium and beyond. 
  • Gathering in the Wilderness focuses on facilitating small groups. It explores topics such as how to run a small group, dealing with the silence and how to break viewing monotony and foster energy in the digital medium.
  • Leadership in the Wilderness focuses on solo heroic leaders versus generative leadership. It explores effective delegation and utilizing staff and volunteers and identifying and nurturing those who have skill sets best suited for this time.
  • Serving in the Wilderness focuses on being in ministry with the church and the surrounding community. It explores ways to offer light and hope to the church and the surrounding community in a digital age.

Find other resources for this season of ministry at https://www.ngumc.org/covid-19-response-resources

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