North Georgia Conference Commits to Proposed Boys Scouts of America Abuse Survivors Settlement


As part of the Boy Scouts of America proposed bankruptcy settlement, all U.S. annual conferences are being asked to contribute toward a $30 million settlement amount. This settlement is part of a larger bankruptcy reorganization plan for the Boy Scouts of America for which approval is still pending by the US Bankruptcy Court. The $30 million amount has been allocated among annual conferences based upon the number of claims associated with their respective churches. The North Georgia Conference has been allocated the amount of $1,092,504.

The North Georgia Conference Council on Finance and Administration and Board of Trustees recently met and committed to contribute the full amount toward the Survivor Trust settlement allocated to our conference based on claims associated with our conference. Conference leadership will offer an update at the 2022 annual conference session about how the conference will raise and contribute to the Survivor Trust Fund.

Why the North Georgia Conference is committed to the settlement:

1. When people are hurt, United Methodists help. We are called to help with the healing of Scouts who participated in United Methodist-affiliated Scout programs and who experienced harm. Following through with our commitment is a testimony to our values, ideals, and ethical responsibility to do what is right in the name of Christ.

2. United Methodists are connectional. We have seen over and over again the value of our connectional system when we work together to address challenges and crises. We work collectively to help one another, not only for our individual needs but for the good of the whole church and particularly for those who are in crisis or who have been harmed while participating in any of our ministries. Following through with our commitments strengthens the connection and our witness.

3. United Methodists have chosen to follow our values in the bankruptcy. Within the church and outside the church, there is an appreciation for the leadership and work of United Methodists. Responding fully and faithfully to each of our commitments, including giving our full contribution of $30 million, is essential. If we fail to contribute our portion of the settlement, the public will decide how faithfully we responded.

More information on future charter agreements between United Methodist churches and BSA units is forthcoming.