Conference Disaster Response Warehouse Opens at Impact


Photo: Volunteers from Headland Heights UMC and Roswell UMC are among the first to drop off at the Conference Disaster Response Warehouse at Impact.

Today marks the launch of an exciting partnership between Impact UMC in East Point, the North Georgia Conference, and UMCOR, as Impact has made available its warehouse space to enable North Georgia churches to better respond in disaster.

North Georgia United Methodists have shown an abundance of generosity in response to this season's hurricanes and tropical storms. In September alone, more than $346,812 was given to UMCOR through the North Georgia Conference. That's not counting all the gifts sent from North Georgia United Methodists to UMCOR directly. 

Thousands of UMCOR relief kits have been assembled and muck-out supplies collected. 

That generosity has created a need for a sufficient Conference Disaster Response Warehouse. Our small rented storage unit was at capacity by late summer and lacked work room for volunteer staff. 

That's where Impact comes in. The church operates and worships out of renovated warehouse space that it redeveloped in 2012. A portion of the space has remained an open warehouse. The church is offering that warehouse space for use by the Conference for disaster response needs. 

"Impact Church is a church of service," said Serene Coleman, Community Director on the church's Operations Team. "It is our goal to help on every level of generosity. We give of our time, we give of our resources, and now we have an opportunity to give of our building space. Impact is doing church differently and part of this is meeting a need in an uncommon way. We have seen the need and devastation in our country and know that without a doubt God has led us to be of service to the North Georgia Conference and the Disaster Response team."

Volunteers from the Conference Disaster Response Team, Rev. Matt Murphy and Terry Raymond, are coordinating the day-to-day operation of the warehouse. 

"This is an excellent opportunity to fulfill the Gospel of Jesus in that we are giving assistance to those who have been devastated by recent disasters," said Rev. Murphy, pastor of Headland Heights UMC. "We have close to 1,000 buckets and kits in the warehouse already. Thanks be to God for those who care, like the Georgia Tech Wesley Foundation who collected items for 24 cleaning buckets during a Yellow Jacket game!" 

With the opening of the Disaster Response Warehouse at Impact, all local church collection points have been discontinued. We are in the process of moving donated UMCOR items into use as quickly as possible. 

This is an all-volunteer operation and all deliveries must be coordinated with warehouse manager Rev. Matt Murphy. Because the warehouse will not have workers to unload deliveries, we ask that churches bring enough volunteers to expedite the unloading process. 

The warehouse is now open and staffed by appointment. It is available Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call Rev. Matt Murphy to set a date and time you will be able to deliver kits. He can be reached at Rev. Matt Murphy at 404.403.5233 or Headland Heights UMC at 404.344.0144.

"I'm not sure I can adequately put into words how thrilled we are with this partnership," said Rev. Scott Parrish, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator and Associate Director of Connectional Ministries. "It's truly a dream come true and the Impact team has made possible what seemed impossible. We look forward to the partnership as we serve Christ together, and help more and more churches do greater good."

Important Details

  • Warehouse open Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only
  • Make an appointment with Rev. Matt Murphy at 404.403.5233 or Headland Heights UMC at 404.344.014
  • Warehouse only available for UMCOR relief kits and muck-out supplies 
  • Churches must send volunteers to unload their delivery