Delegate Q&A: Alice Rogers


Rev. Dr. Alice Rogers, a North Georgia clergy delegate, shares with us about who has inspired her this week, her impression of worship at General Conference, and how Glenn Memorial UMC is praying for General Conference.

Have you met anyone who inspired you here in Portland?
I have been inspired by those willing to make space and time for conversation around legislation. My legislative sub committee was led by a pastor from  the Rocky Mountain Conference, Brad Laurvick, who led us in respectful, thoughtful conversation as we perfected certain pieces of legislation. I did not experience that respectful conversation in the larger legislative committee, and we suffered for it. I was deeply grateful for Brad's leadership.

We have experienced powerful worship at General Conference. What stands out for you? 
The worship services have been inspiring and soul-stirring. All of the sermons, liturgy and music have led me to sing daily a hymn that we haven't even sung in any of the services: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."  This is my deepest conviction and clearest call.

Your church held a special prayer service before General Conference. Tell us about that. 
The prayer service we held at Glenn provided the opportunity for members to intentionally articulate their prayers for General Conference. I was inspired by the number of people who wrote their prayers and brought them to the altar rail. I brought their prayers with me to General Conference so that I could have them physically close to me. These prayers were written by children, youth and adults alike. I am so grateful for the Glenn Church and the opportunity to follow Jesus with them.

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