Delegate Q&A: Jeff Jernigan


Lay delegate Jeff Jernigan (pictured in a legislative session) shared with us about inspiring people, awesome worship and what to look forward to in mission.

Have you met anyone inspiring here in Portland?
There are too many to list. Chief Prosper Tunda in war ravaged East Congo and the ministry they are doing to help restore some infrastructure and minister to the refugees; the steadfastness of our brothers and sisters in Northern Nigeria to live out the Gospel despite Boko Haram; testimonies from District Superintendent in Malawi on how microfinance is allowing some of their members to afford to send their kids to school. I could go on and on.

Has a particular worship experience stood out to you?
The African Worship Service last Sunday was like a revival, amazing music from African University Choir, inspired challenges from Bishops and anointed preaching by Jerry Kulah. At the benediction, Kimba Evarista from DRC kind of apologized the services was so short, it was only 2 hours!  

What is ahead in mission that we should learn about and watch?
I'm very excited about launch of UMC Microfinance Connection ( Now we have our own platform to connect the UMC in US to our churches and communities around the world. The first countries will be Mexico, Malawi, and soon Guatemala. Maybe the DRC next.

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