Delegate Q&A: Randy Brown


Lay delegate Randy Brown shared with us about the people, the worship, and how Leadership UMC prepared him for General Conference.

Have you met anyone inspiring here in Portland? 
General Conference has given me the opportunity to meet United Methodists from all over the world. Key relationships were fostered in the iegislative sessions. United Methodist brothers and sisters  are truly a "royal priesthood" connected thru God, in spite of diverse cultures.

We have had powerful worship this week. Does anything stand out?  
General Conference Worship experiences set an uplifting and positive start for each day. The sermons each day focused on the theme "Therefore, Go."  The sermons helped center our attention to focus on God, and challenge us to love one another, in spite of our differences. The selection of music complemented our diverse backgrounds thru sing alongs, visuals, and body movement.
We know you are a supporter of Leadership UMC. Did Leadership UMC contribute to your decision to become a delegate to General Conference? 
Leadership UMC was a key factor in my preparation to become a delegate. The sessions on Polity and the Discipline helped equip me for the more complex tasks of reviewing and proposing new legislation for the Discipline. The  small group activities in Leadership UMC provided a solid foundation for the legislative group sessions at General Conference.

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