'Don't Be Anxious, Be in Prayer': North Georgia's Delegation Wraps Up Preparation Meetings


Photo: North Georgia's Delegation at work at their final gathering before the 2019 Special General Conference

North Georgia's delegation to General Conference 2019 has been preparing for their work in St. Louis for more than a year. They held their final in-person meeting last month. 

Gathering at Mount Pisgah UMC in Johns Creek, delegation chair Mathew Pinson offered the devotional. Pinson was elected to the role in 2015 for the 2016 General Conference and reaffirmed for the special called General Conference. 

"Over the past few months I have done a different kind of reflection than I've ever done before," Pinson said.

He has been deeply reflecting on the Book of Acts and the Gospel of John. 

There is a great move in Acts that avoids a schism before the Jerusalem Council, he shared.

Pinson has also spent time studying the final disclosures of Jesus in John:14-17. 

"It's in this book that we get a glimpse of Jesus' high priestly prayer," explained Pinson. "Jesus prays for 'oneness.' He doesn't command oneness, he prays for oneness."

Jesus has spoken in parables, but at this time he says I'm going to speak to you plainly, Pinson explained.

"It is powerful," said Pinson. "So powerful it made its way into our baptismal covenant and our communion liturgy."

In the final months before the special session, Pinson encouraged and thanked the delegation.

"Don't be anxious, be in prayer," he said.  

After wrapping up housing details, a review of the schedule and petitions, and conversation, the group fittingly closed their meeting holding hands in prayer. 

They'll gather again in St. Louis before the Special Session begins. 

Read more about our Delegation's first gathering in August of 2017 at www.ngumc.org/newsdetail/north-georgia-delegation-meets-to-begin-preparation-9230832. Find details and news relating to General Conference 2019 at www.ngumc.org/GC2019.