Diapers Challenge: Bishop Invites Your Congregation to Collect Diapers for Families in Need in Your Community


Bishop Robin Dease invites the congregations of the North Georgia Conference to consider hosting a diaper drive! Read a message to you below:

Hey friends,

I want to issue a challenge to you all. I've issued this challenge to Conference staff and they have responded and they are on board, so I thought if I extended it to you all that you would get joy out of this needed ministry within our communities. 

The challenge is: purchasing diapers, pull-ups, and baby wipes for families in need. 

I've been watching the news the last couple of weeks and hearing about the hardship on families to afford diapers for their children and babies. So I thought, what better way to be in service to our communities than by helping those families with an essential need. I'm asking you all to consider purchasing diapers, sending them to your local social agencies who are distributing these items to families, or reach out to your local DFCS to learn where the need is greatest. Let's be a partner in ministry. 

Then I want you to write letters to your state legislators to tell them to consider removing the tax on the purchase of diapers. Many other states have already taken this step. 

This weekend I purchased a few boxes of diapers, pull-ups, and wipes. And it was $200. Just think about 200 bucks for hourly employee who has two young children in their household. These boxes wouldn't last a month for that family. 

I hope you'll join this effort. It is a way to show our love and concern for those who are in need in our communities because we are the church and we are called to serve our communities.  

My prayers are with you and I thank you for your consideration. 

God bless,
Bishop Robin Dease
North Georgia Annual Conference of
The United Methodist Church