Dunwoody UMC Member Stars in 'To a Moral Certainty'


Dunwoody UMC member Tom Bever is an attorney, but he stepped into a new role recently on screen. He stars in the 30-minute film To a Moral Certainty, on the Resurrection of Jesus.

In the film, a lawyer, played by Tom, gives his closing argument in a courtroom on behalf of the Christian faith following a trial on the evidence in support of the Resurrection. Tom asks the jury to apply the standard of reasonable doubt to the story of the Resurrection. The jury deliberates on the only three ways Jesus’ body gets out of the tomb – by being stolen, or by Jesus getting out of it on his own, or by the miracle of the Resurrection."

Not an actor, Tom took on the role as he would in his career as a trial lawyer.

"I was doing what I do regularly in court," he said. "I was summarizing the evidence and making an argument for my client, The Christian Faith."

The movie, produced by Bridgestone, was created for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

"For non-Christians, it opens their minds and hearts to consider the possibility of the resurrection (everyone starts somewhere in the journey of faith)" explained Bever. "For Christians, the lesson is to take one or two steps deeper in our faith. For Christians who have never taken the time or made the effort to consider whether they actually really believe that Jesus is the Christ, The Messiah, The Son of God, the purpose is to help them make the most important decision in their life. My hope and prayer is that for many it will be a starting point which leads to an individual claiming that Jesus is their personal savior."

Dunwoody UMC had the opportunity to show the movie to its congregation during Holy Week. A couple of hundred attended the screening. Viewing the film with his church family was heartwarming, according to Bever. 

"People said it was impactful or that they never put all of the story of the resurrection together," said Tom. "I personally enjoyed the questions posed to the three clergy who were on the conversation panel after the film, Rev. Phil Schroeder, Rev. David Melton, and Rev. Kathy Brockman. People asked genuine questions about our Christian faith and the resurrection.
Tom is available to show the film at other churches in North Georgia any time. He has developed a program including steps to plan, advertise, and execute a successful and meaningful event. This includes plans for a small group discussion one week after the film with whomever in the audience would like to attend. 

To a Moral Certainty will be available June 27 to the public. On August 1 it can be found on Amazon Prime and "Christian Cinema."