Epworth By The Sea Reopening January 2022


The last two years have been like no other in the history of Epworth By The Sea. Located on the banks of the Frederica River, Epworth is a hospitality ministry owned by the South Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church that hosts conferences, retreats, and vacations. 

But for the past 15 months, Epworth's staff have provided a home away from home for salvage workers removing the capsized Golden Ray car-carrier ship just off St. Simons Island. The workers were from all over the world. Many spent months away from their families in order to do the work. Epworth staff welcomed them with a “servant attitude” on a daily basis.

Joel Willis, president of Epworth By The Sea, praised the Epworth team, shared about the experience, and welcomes guests back to Epworth By The Sea in a letter

He shared that Epworth's Food Service staff provided meals around the clock, due to the various work shifts. Housekeeping and Maintenance staff attended to any needs. It was a fluid situation with workers coming and going and the changes related to the work on the wreck.

During this time Epworth made improvements to its campus. This includes painting and replacing carpet, adding mini-refrigerators and microwaves, new menus in the dining room, constructing an outdoor open-air pavilion, and starting work on an amphitheater. 

Epworth By The Sea will reopen to guests in January 2022. Learn more and make reservations at https://www.epworthbythesea.org/