Everything: Rooted Retreats Bring Youth Groups Closer to God


Every thought. Every dream. Every fear. Every second. What's at the end of your 'every?'  God is calling us to a life with God where nothing is hidden, where we give it all to God.

This year's Rooted Retreat for youth groups is scheduled for two weekends at Glisson: October 6-8 and October 13-15. The theme this year is "Everything."

These annual North Georgia Conference Rooted Retreats are a ministry led by staff who want to provide a powerful retreat experience where youth leaders and youth ministry volunteers can spend their time developing and strengthening relationships, while organizers take care of the details. 

Rooted provides powerful worship experiences, dedicated youth group time, off the wall activities, as well as food and lodging. Youth groups are invited to join us for a weekend that will foster connection and allow youth leaders to be fully present with students and volunteers.

Register your group now to receive a $20 early bird discount per person. This discount is good until the end of July. After that the cost will go up to $155. (That means payment must be received by Monday, July 31 for this discount.)

Register and find more information at http://www.ngumc.org/rootedretreat