Fresh Expressions Added to Vital Signs


Find New FX Report on Your Vital Signs Dashboard

Fresh Expressions (FX) take the steeple to the street, going where people are to start new faith gatherings in restaurants, coffee houses, parks, breweries, schools, and storefronts. A Fresh Expression is a new form of church for those not connected to any church. They take shape outside of the walls of the church in places where our neighbors are already gathering. 

Fresh Expressions across the North Georgia Conference are making new disciples and are passing on the traditions of our Wesleyan faith in new and creative ways. 

Churches are now asked to report the attendance in their Fresh Expressions (FX) as part of their Vital Signs reports. You will see Fresh Expressions listed in the Vital Signs dashboard as Fresh 1, 2, and 3. Report the attendance number of your FX ministries based on the weeks in which they meet. (Some Fresh Expressions meet weekly, others meet bi-weekly or monthly.) We ask for these reports to gauge the health and needs of our FX sites.

There is also a line to share the name of the contact person for your Fresh Expressions. This contact information will help us stay in communication and allows us to offer direct resources and support from the Center for Congregational Excellence. 

Our conference offers coaching, workshops, guidebooks, and startup grants for Fresh Expressions of Church. Contact for more information.