GC2016 Passes $604 Million General Church Budget


General Conference delegates on May 20 approved a general church budget of $604 million for 2017-2020. That budget proposal came from the board of the General Council on Finance and Administration and the Connectional Table, which coordinates the denomination’s agencies. 

Delegates voted to add $5 million to double the denomination’s financial backing of the Central Conference Theological Education Fund. Funds help with such denomination-wide endeavors as planting new churches, providing resources for evangelism, supporting theological education, advocating for church social teachings, engaging in international development and cultivating new mission fields.

"The budget passed is less than the amount originally proposed a few weeks ago, which will result in an adjustment to the recommended annual conference budget," explained North Georgia Conference treasurer Keith Cox. "The adjustment means that the Treasurer's Office will reduce the recommended North Georgia Conference budget based on the General Conference budget passed today. The revised schedules will be posted on the website and made available to AC members in the tote bags." 

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