General Conference Delegation Q&A: Jane Brooks


We caught up with Rev. Jane Brooks, clergy delegate, before legislative committees began their work Wednesday. 

What type legislation is coming before your committee?

My committee is Higher Education and Ministry/Superintendency. It was previously two separate committees that have been combined. I understand this committee has more petitions than any other committee. A number of the Higher Education & Ministry petitions before my committee are coming from the Study of Ministry Commission related to process and qualifications for ministry and ordination. The Superintendency section has some interesting petitions related to tenure for bishops.

What are your hopes for the church?

I hope we come out still together and moving in positive, Christ centered ways.  I hope that we come out of it focused anew on the needs for all God's people to know and experience Christ.

As a repeat delegate, how do you plan to take care of yourself during this long ten day meeting?

I hope to take advantage of the sabbath day provided and take in some of the beautiful scenery. Knowing how intense it is, I hope that afterward I can have some down time before Annual Conference.


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