General Conference Q&A: Ed Tomlinson


Rev. Dr. Ed Tomlinson made time to meet with us before Monday's plenary session.

Is there anything that stands out about the process of General Conference?

A real source of pride for me is that anybody in The United Methodist Church can submit a petition and it is handled seriously. 

Can you tell us a little about the difference between the first week and the second week of General Conference? 

Last week was spent in legislative committees dealing with petitions that came to the General Conference. Some of these were accepted very easily. Others had virtually no support. Some were revised and the revised petition was passed on to the plenary floor. 

This week we will deal with petitions as a whole body. Those petitions with virtually no opposition will be included on a consent calendar. These things can be voted on as one. Items can be removed from the consent calendar with 20 signatures and can be eligible for discussion on the floor. 

Other items that were recommended from committees will come before us to discuss on the floor. Some will include a minority report.

General Conference will then have an opportunity to discuss and act on petitions. 

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