General Conference Q&A: Jane Finley


We caught up with lay delegate Jane Finley at the Convention Center. She shared about her legislative committee, her advice, and where she's seen God at work this week.

What type of legislation is your committee considering?

Bring on General Administration we will discuss petitions about church structure and way to be more fiscally responsible as we match mission/ministry and money. This also involves a  process that provides a system of equitable representation on boards and agencies based upon church membership.

As a repeat delegate, how do you plan on taking care of yourself?

Learning from past experience I must be prayerful before I arrive focusing on the Holy  Spirit's leading in all that I do. Rest every opportunity and work together in Legislative committee  

What advice would you give to future delegates?  

Listen and Pray. Be on time every time to every meeting and be well prepared.

Have you seen God at work here in Portland?

Our opening worship prepared us well to begin our work together. The Episcopal address pressed us to be the church that God intended us to be to a hurting world that desperately needs to experience God's love.

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