God At Work: Resources for Confirmation


One of the things that I enjoy most about the very first confirmation class every year is the encounter with the young person who clearly does not want to be there. He or she normally sits in the back of the room with his or her eyes fixed upon whatever is going on outside of the nearest door or window and reluctantly provides answers that are generally short, or perhaps even inaudible.

As off-putting as this student’s actions can be, he or she is one of my favorite “types” of student to encounter because I know that the initial resistance, while hard fought, will wane as he or she begins to open up over the course of the confirmation experience. Perhaps you have encountered this type of student too. Such an experience with a reluctant student should remind us of the limitations of our role as teachers in relationship to the limitless ability of God’s mysterious work through the Holy Spirit. This type of experience should also underscore the importance of creating a confirmation experience where God can work.

— Rev. Dr. Tonya Lawrence, "Confirm: Director Guide" 

We asked Rev. Dr. Tonya Lawrence, author of the Director's Guide for Cokesbury's new series, Confirm, to share resources she recommends to confirmation leaders. First-time and long-time leaders will benefit from these tools.

She suggests the following books and videos: