Grayson UMC Mission Team Serves in North Carolina


North Georgia United Methodist mission teams are serving as the hands and feet of Christ after Hurricanes in North Carolina, South Carolina, South Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Puerto Rico. Below is an update from one team who spent a week in Tarboro, NC.

Update From the Grayson UMC Mission Team:

What an amazing experience we had with our disaster relief team in Tarboro, NC. We were able to help restore homes for five families whose homes had been ravaged by flood waters. We were all inspired and touched by the many folks we met during our trip. And what a blessing to work side by side together as a team. We watched as each person shared their special gifts to restore these homes. We caulked, sanded, taped, painted, applied popcorn ceilings, rebuilt decks, repaired fixtures and whatever was needed at each home.
We distributed $1,600 worth of gift cards to area residents in need with the balance divided between St. James UMC and Tarboro Community Outreach. These two organizations ensure help goes to those truly in need.
A ” God moment” for our team was watching our pastor, Rev. Scott Brown, bond with a small boy named Solomon while he was helping restore a deck. Solomon really liked Scott and on the second day he came out to greet Scott wearing a tool belt! He did not want Pastor Scott to leave. What a touching witness to the power of being truly present in the lives of those we serve.
We met some wonderful folks with United Methodist Disaster Relief. They helped us get settled and broke bread with us each night. Sister Mary and the wonderful folks at St. James UMC fed us a delicious spaghetti dinner on our last night in Tarboro. We truly experienced the feeling of Christmas. Despite the storm, decorations were everywhere.

Our mission was to serve as Christ asked us to do and I believe we did. We had devotions each night and were touched by all who shared their experiences.   Every person was asked to share their stories of the day and we laughed and cried together. One of the factors that leads us to a fulfilled life is meaningful work, and for each of us, tired and sore as we were, our lives were enriched many times over.
Thank you Regan Wooley and Lisa Henshaw who led our team with precision! Thanks to all who pitched in to be the “hands and feet of Christ”. Thanks to the “disaster cat” who roamed the halls and kept the mice away. Pastor Scott added so much to our trip because of his warmth and compassion. When you think about it, what other qualifications do you need to be a “preacher”? Thank you Grayson UMC for your prayers and support of this trip.