HealthFlex Annual Election is Underway


HealthFlex 2017 Annual Election began Nov. 2 and is open through Thursday, November 17.

Important Information to Note

  • The IRS increased the 2017 limit for health care flexible spending account (FSA) contributions on October 25. HealthFlex has quickly partnered with our vendors to allow HealthFlex participants to take advantage of the higher 2017 limit—$2,600 per year.
  • If no election is made, people will remain in the same plan at the same coverage tier (single, 2 party, or family) in health, dental, and vision as they are in now. All contribution elections ( Medical Reimbursement, Dependent Child Care Reimbursement, Health Savings Accounts, etc.) will reset to $0.
  • All plans increased in premium cost, so participants are bearing the full responsibility for those increases in their cost. That means it is important for participants to look at the cost of their plan to see if it is still the right for them. 
  • Church payments are not changing from those charged in 2016 unless a church’s membership causes a change in their tier. 
  • Log in to the HealthFlex/WebMD website to make benefits elections for 2017.

Find HealthFlex rates to churches and participants at: