Wespath Offers Resource For Coping After a Storm


North Georgia United Methodists have access to a free resources for coping after a storm or flooding.

Wespath has offered the services of Optum, the Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) provider for HealthFlex. Optum has put together resources for natural disasters and makes them available to our Annual Conferences free of charge. You do not need to be covered by HealthFlex to use these services.

Optum is also offering a free emotional support help line for people impacted by Hurricane Irma. This helpline will provide those affected access to specially trained mental health specialists. The company’s public toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as needed. This service is free of charge and open to clergy, lay, spouses, retirees, church staff, and congregations in the impacted area.

Specially trained Optum mental health specialists help people manage their stress and anxiety so they can continue to address their everyday needs. Callers may also receive referrals to community resources to help them with specific concerns, including financial and legal matters.

Along with the toll-free help line, online help and information is available for emotional-support resources at www.liveandworkwell.com.

View the Important Communications Alert on liveandworkwell.com or select the Crisis Support drop down tab. It will allow you to enter anonymously and will ask you for an access code. Click on “I don’t know my access code” and it will bring you to a Provider page. Choose the provider “Optum Behavioral Health Employee” and it will bring you to a page with a link at the top to “Crisis Support”. Click on the link and choose “Disaster Planning and Recovery”. For coping and resiliency resources, select the Life & Work tab > Well-Being > Coping.