Imani 'Faith' Kiborione Empowerment Group, Kenya, Begins 3-Year Program


In January, 35 groups encompassing nearly 3,500 children were formed in Kenya to take part in the 3-year Zoe Empowers program. One of those groups, Imani "Faith" Kiborione Empowerment Group, has been partnered with North Georgia Conference from January 2020 to December 2022.

Having launched in January, the youth are very busy getting on with the work of self-empowerment. Even with the onset of the COVID-19 restrictions, the children of the group have received basic training in small group settings and via phone communications between the Zoe program facilitator, group mentor, and the group's elected chairperson. One of their first actions was choosing their group name. 

Over several years, dozens of North Georiga United Methodists have traveled to learn from and experience the Zoe empowerment model first-hand. Now, the Conference can be an even stronger partner to this exemplary program.

Generous gifts from North Georgia United Methodists enabled year-end giving to Zoe of $25,000 to fully fund a three-year partnership with an Empowerment Group. 

With funding already provided, the greatest need from North Georgia Conference congregations and individuals is for prayer for a family group. 

"I invite you to make a commitment, not just for a one-time prayer, but to consistently remember these orphan children in your prayers," said Rev. Scott Parrish. "The prayer support is the most needed thing for us and for the Imani Kiborione children as we nurture their faith and ours!"

To sign up for a family group to pray for, contact Parrish at

"If you keep a prayer list in your Bible, on a nightstand or refrigerator, or electronically, it would be a powerful daily routine to look at the photo, lift up the family individuals in prayer, and play a key role in this empowerment movement," he said. 

Over the next three years, our Conference will receive case study reports on households from our group (one after the first year and another after year two) and a final summary report of progress and achievements will be added so that after graduation we will have a complete record of the results of this investment in the lives of the children. 

"Thank you for joining with Zoe so that these children will no longer have to suffer hunger, social isolation, or abuse," said Laura Nemecek, Director of Program Communications. "Instead, your partnership will provide tangible life improvements and a future with great potential."