Important IT Updates for Churches and Clergy


North Georgia churches and clergy should take note of several Information/Technology updates:

Updated Charge Conference Reports
Charge Conference reports have been updated for the new quadrennium. Sample pdf copies are posted at Reports should be completed online through Data Services at There is also a new Charge Conference Summary report that provides the submission status of the various reports.

Churches Can Now Grant Individual User Accounts in Data Services 
Churches can now grant individual user accounts access up to 6 permission levels: Charge Conference, Clergy Reports, End of Year, Online Remittance Payments, Benefits, and Administer Users. These new levels allow for more granular control, and user tracking. 

New Paperless Compensation Report
All clergy who are appointed in the North Georgia Conference, including extension ministers, local pastors, deacons and elders will begin using a new paperless compensation report process. It replaces the former paper form that was submitted to districts. The new Clergy Financial Support Worksheets are submitted online through Data Services at https:\\ Moving clergy may enter July 1 compensation as of May 16, 2017. The forms are submitted by clergy and approved by an authorized lay person. The District Office will then review and also approve.