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In Mission Together: Nigeria Ministry Partners Meet to Celebrate, Learn


By Kathryn Witte
Global Ministries
In Mission Together Coordinator-Nigeria
Recently United Methodists from Southern Nigeria and partners from across the US, including several North Georgia laity and clergy, gathered for a mini In Mission Together summit. 
“In Mission Together” is an initiative of the General Board of Global Ministries to help ministry partners be in closer, more satisfactory, and effective partnerships. 

At the event, Global Ministries' Director of Connectional Engagement, George Howard, delivered an inspiring opening speech calling everyone to ministry together in mutual, collaborative, and inclusive partnerships. Africa Regional Representative for Global Mission Connections Yollande Yambo, Director of GBGM Global Health Dr. Olusimbo Ige, and Executive Director of Mission Engagement and Director of the Advance Russell Pierce were on hand to offer insight and support.
The event was held in close proximity to the General Conference and all Nigerian delegates were able to attend to the event, some connecting for the first time with U.S. partners who have worked on projects in their Episcopal area. Other attendees represented conference and church partners from North Georgia, Great Plains, Iowa, North Alabama, and Germany. The event enabled various partners to see opportunities around mutual interests of well-drilling, school support and more. The dinner opened eyes to the possibility of greater collaboration between partners.
Ande Emmanuel, Southern Nigeria Area Assistant to the Bishop, pointed to many of the accomplishments of the partnerships across the connection. He praised the achievements in building churches, schools, health ministries and more. Others in the Nigeria delegation made testimonials about the importance of education to Nigeria and extended thanks to partners for their investment of time and money in all projects. Along with the appreciation, was a plea for continued interest and support for Nigeria.
Partnership representatives introduced themselves and made short remarks about their projects.
Some of the projects include:

  • McEachern Memorial UMC and Mt. Pisgah UMC's Pero-area holistic development project including community health, evangelism, pure water factory, and solar power. (The coordinator for this partnership is Jeff Jernigan - jsjernigan@aol.com.)
  • Great Plains Conference - Orphanage and school, Jalingo.
  • Grand View UMC, Iowa - Water projects, Damka school/community support.
  • Conference of Germany - Facility/infrastructure support for Yugorobi Primary school, Ethel Johnson School in Karim Lamido, Ron Wilmot school in Pero/Gwandum and the Banyam Theological Seminary and an episcopal area tree planting project.
  • Iowa Conference - Well drilling, Panya community and Ron Wilmot School support.
  • Cedar Falls UMC - Partnership with Banyam Theological Seminary
  • North Alabama Conference - Comprehensive Secondary School in Karim Maundi.
  • Callaway UMC, Nebraska - Bargami church, school, health initiatives, deep water wells, micro agriculture loans to young people.

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