In Mission and Ministry: Updates for Your Church


Are you looking ahead at your local church year? Here are some helpful things to consider!

Plan a Comprehensive Mission Year

How does your church mission year weave in with the whole congregation in worship, discipleship, prayer, outreach, and fellowship? The church mission committee, or perhaps the executive level church group, should make sure that mission is more than a small group movement, more than replicating history, and more than only projects and funding. Help your congregation experience what it means to be the Body of Christ in the mission of God and develop a full range mission portfolio!

Church of Excellence

We’ve got to adjust some of this soon to show the next year and catch up with new appointments, but this basic template offers a great starting point for planning. If you have questions, or don’t think this is advance enough for you, contact me and we can easily adjust for your context. See

Rev. Scott Parrish Available to You & Your Congregation

Scott continues to serve as a mission field agent dividing time between North Georgia Connectional Ministries and our UMC Global Ministries yet with focus in both roles on congregational effectiveness in mission. Whether your church is new to mission or advance, and no matter the church context or size, Scott can assist you in your next steps. Scott is available for consulting, teaching, preaching, and helping your congregation advance in God’s mission. Note that some of the recurring themes in these conversations includes how a congregation better engages the community, the ways the global mission movement is expressed in the local church context, and how mission becomes a focused, congregational movement rather than a dart board pattern of small activities.

Mission Celebration

Many churches find that an annual event that helps the entire congregation focus on mission can be a helpful experience as prayer, worship, discipleship, and the whole life of the church considers the mission of God. This can also be a very strategic launch pad for the next year of mission! Use the opportunity to evaluate church engagement through prayer, study, participation, and giving to mission at local, state, regional, national, and international levels. Many churches are finding they are spread too thin, and use this opportunity to concentrate on fewer mission partnerships which will engage the whole congregation as they continue to love God and love neighbor. Scott is available to share ideas or assist with this process, or can be your “one stop shop” for UMC Global Ministries and mission resources.

Disaster Ready Congregation

It is extremely important for a congregation to be ready BEFORE disaster strikes your community or county. You can’t easily set up a shelter the day of a tornado. Establish relationships and communication with your local emergency services, and your local Red Cross, and your North GA conference disaster response team before the day of an event. We are all partners who assist with training and best practices and the essential networking and chain of command which are vital in the event of an emergency. Oh, and you can also make this a unique church experience as you might review your safety plans, run an emergency drill, check to see if you have essentials for an emergency, run a mock shelter, or consider ways to be available to your community.

Plan a special mission training, showcase a country or missionary or topic, have a cluster or district outreach impact event, or offer some exciting mission event for your church, cluster, or district. We have many resources in North Georgia with strong United Methodist experiences available to come to your location. Our Connectional Ministries approach with UMVIM, disaster response training, and any topic of local, national, or international mission is to go to your location when requested. Know this as a standing offer as we seek to assist you in your next steps in God’s mission.

Pastors be sure that your mission teams – local, national, and international- conform to the church expectations for Safe Sanctuaries (assume there will be contact with children, youth, and vulnerable adults and have everyone on your team vetted), that every team member has adequate insurance (this is no longer to be assumed and most policies are not adequate for international coverage), that your team has contingency plans if there are significant issues, and that you have the helpful accountability both at home and in other countries (that is, you have a team beyond your “away” team available before, during, and after a trip). Make sure your mission team leaders are trained and using the resources such as UMVIM. We have trainers available to go to your congregation or district and share best practices, the networking which is available, and help you increase the good you can do while doing no harm.

UMCOR Office Volunteers Needed

Here’s an opportunity for office volunteers & could be fun for individuals or “friend groups” from a church of 2-3 people.

UMCOR is seeking willing volunteers to help make badges for dedicated early response team members and others who respond to humanitarian need following disasters. An UMCOR badge reassures survivors and officials alike of the wearer’s connection to UMCOR and the people of the United Methodist Church. Volunteers for badge-making will receive training, and all necessary equipment is provided.
UMCOR Headquarters
458 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Atlanta GA 30308
A platinum LEAD building!
WHEN: 1 day / month, approximately 10:00 am to 2:45 pm
IF INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT Annamarie Reed at areed@umcor.orgor  404-460-7663. She will start the onboarding paperwork and scheduling.

Upcoming Events

August 26, 9:00-3:30, WITH Conference offers local mission training focus at Dunwoody First UMC. Learn more and register at

September 15, 9:00-4:00. United Methodist Day of Health at Dunwoody First UMC.
Many United Methodist churches, organizations, and partners are engaged in innovative projects and programs to improve the health of their congregations and communities across the globe! You are invited to share and learn how United Methodists are making a difference. For more information or to RSVP, send an email to or call 404-460-7512. Hosted by Global Ministries in partnership with the North Georgia Conference on behalf of The United Methodist Church.

Local Mission Leaders Luncheon. September 19, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hosted by Wesley Woods at Branan Towers with speaker Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. 

SEJ Disaster Academy, September 26-29, Asheboro, NC. Attend if you want to elevate your understanding and networking as you help your congregation, district, and conference respond to disasters.

November, Church/School Partnerships Training, featuring Revs. Tom Berlin & Jake McGlothlin and team from Floris UMC in Virginia.

2018 Bicentennial of Methodist Mission. There will be a bicentennial mission conference held at Candler April 8-10, 2018 to kick off a year of bicentennial mission focus. More details later, but know the conference will offer a mix of academic and practical content