AC Q&A: Information About the 2021 North Georgia Annual Conference


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Conference 2021 below. We will update this document regularly.
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UPDATED 5/20/2021

Q: What technology do I need to participate in a virtual Annual Conference?
Members and guests will need an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer. You will access the session using a web browser.

Q: Can I use a smartphone or tablet?
This year you must use a desktop or laptop computer. (Read more in the virtual meeting guide on page 16 of the Handbook.)

Q: Will we use the same voting system we used last year?
Yes. We will use the same trusted online meeting and voting platform that was used for Annual Conference 2020. Feedback from the post-Annual Conference survey and suggestions from Conference leaders are being used to improve upon the process for our 2021 session. A guide to help you confidently participate whether this is your first or second virtual Annual Conference is included in the Annual Conference handbook on page 16.

Q: Do I need a webcam? 
No. Members of the Annual Conference will view live video of the session, but it is not necessary to have a webcam. There will not be an option to turn on your camera.

Q: Do I need a computer microphone?
This year, members who are called on to speak by the bishop will have the opportunity to speak using their computer microphone. A microphone is not required to participate, however.

Q: Can two members share a device?
No. Each voting member will need their own internet-connected device. 

Q: What will be included in the agenda for the virtual Annual Conference?
The agenda will include the Recommended 2022 Apportionment Budget, Standing Rules, Trustees Report, Nominations Report, a celebration of retirees, fixing of the appointments, and other essential business. The full agenda is included in the Annual Conference Handbook starting on page 6.

Q: Will we have a Service of Remembrance?
We will remember more than 100 saints who have gone before us in a live-streamed Service of Remembrance on Saturday, June 5, at 3 pm. 

Q: What about Ordination?
We will celebrate the ordination and commissioning of those elected to provisional and full-connection members in 2020 and 2021. The service will be live-streamed on Saturday, June 5, at 10 a.m

Q: When will we celebrate Retirements? 
The Annual Conference session will include the Passing of the Mantle and we will recognize retirees from 2020 and 2021.

Q: Am I required to register for Virtual Annual Conference?
Yes. Each member and reserve member will be required to register for Annual Conference.

 Q: I'm a lay member of AC2021. How do I get voting credentials for the virtual Annual Conference?
To participate in Annual Conference 2021 with voting privileges, lay members will be required to have a unique, personal email address on record in the conference Data Services by May 1. (Churches are responsible for updating their lay member's contact information, including email address, in Data Services.)

Lay members will use their unique, personal email address to register for Annual Conference between May 16 and May 31. Note that for security purposes, only the email address in Data Services can be used to issue voting credentials. Voting credentials will be emailed a couple of days ahead of the meeting. 

Q: I'm a clergy member of the conference. How do I get voting credentials for the virtual Annual Conference?
Clergy members must use their email address to register for Annual Conference 2021. Voting credentials for the Clergy Executive Session and Business Session will be emailed to email addresses a couple of days before the Sessions.    

Q: Is there a registration fee for Virtual Annual Conference?
No. The registration fee has been waived for Annual Conference 2021.

Q: Can I view Annual Conference as a Visitor?
Yes. Visitors, guests, staff and others may register as a visitor and view the June 4 Annual Conference business session.

Q: Will there be a Pre-Conference Briefing?
Yes. There was a Pre-Conference Briefing for all districts via Zoom Webinar on Sunday, May 16, at 2 pm. Watch the recording at

Q: I have more questions about Virtual Annual Conference. How do I stay informed?
Regularly check where we will post information as it is available.


  • May 16 - Pre-Conference Briefing Webinar (2 pm)
  • May 16 to May 26 - Registration
  • June 3 - Online Clergy Executive Session (Clergy and Board of Ordained Ministry Members Only)
  • June 4 - Online Annual Conference Session 
  • June 5 - Live Streamed Ordination Service, Live Streamed Memorial Service

As we are becoming accustomed to in this season, the information above is subject to change. Please check back regularly for additional information and updates.