International Guests: Bala Granapragasam and Sergei Nikolaev Spend Time in North Georgia


This week North Georgia United Methodists have a chance to spend time with fellow Methodists from around the world. 

Sergei Nikolaev (right), president of the United Methodist Seminary in Moscow, Russia, will be preaching at Sardis UMC in Atlanta on March 17. Following the service, Nikolaev will answer questions about the United Methodist Church and the challenges it faces in Russia. All are welcome.

In a separate visit this week, Bala Granapragasam, Vice President of the British Methodist Church, spent a day in North Georgia following time spent with Global Ministries. He visited with Conference staff, toured local churches, and learned about Action Ministries. Granapragasam shared that our challenge around the world is the same: How do we get good news of the gospel to the people.