Kennesaw UMC Uses Data for Phased Plan


By Sybil Davidson

Earlier this month Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and Conference Cabinet recommended the website as a resource for churches because it offers a color-coded, county-level interpretation of COVID-19 risk levels. 

Kennesaw UMC has put the information to work. Rev. Alex Stroud and the church's reopening task force are using it as the basis of their phased plan for resuming in-person worship, gatherings, and church facility use. 

You can see their plan at

"We adopted this plan about two days after the cabinet shared the link and it's taken a lot of the guesswork out of reopening," shared Stroud. "It ties us directly to the welfare of our community and cuts down on the number of decision-making conversations we're having every day. No politics. No interpretation. Just data. Our congregation can follow it too and they've gotten information about the pandemic that they weren't already aware of."

The website updates every day in the late afternoon or early evening. Church leaders review the site every weekday.

"Our office closes at 4:30, so any decisions about activities are made at 4 p.m. on the business day prior," Stroud explained. "That way no one has to worry about communicating on a Friday or Saturday for worship on Sunday."

Stroud is glad to talk about Kennesaw UMC's approach with other churches looking to implement a similar plan. His email is 

Sybil Davidson is the Conference Communicator in the North Georgia Conference.