Kindling the Fire Offers Fall Lectionary Reading Retreat for Clergy


A beloved time apart for North Georgia clergy, Kindling the Fire Lectionary Reading Week, will return to Glisson Camp and Retreat Center September 18-20. This is a time and place for clergy to catch their breath and rekindle the fire of inspiration. 

What Will You Do at the Retreat?

• Hear lectionary lessons read aloud by District Superintendents and church leaders as you take notes and record your ideas
• Spend quiet time developing your themes, objectives, and images for each Sunday
• Identify potential preaching series within the lectionary
• Discuss themes, observations, and insights season-by-season for the months ahead 
• Coordinate your preaching schedule with vacation plans and other personal calendar considerations
Morning and evening worship
What Will You Take Home?

• A plan for preaching the upcoming lectionary texts from the beginning of Lent 2018 through August 2018.
• A coordinated preaching calendar with themes and texts that can be shared with worship leaders, staff and key laity

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