Kings Memorial UMC Launches Super Hero Program


Kings Memorial UMC in Atlanta is once again enjoying the laughter, joy and blessings of having children in the house. Last month the church officially and successfully lunched a Super Hero Program. Members distributed flyers in the community inviting families to attend, and a large number of young people and their parents came out to enjoy an evening of Christian fun and excitement. 

The children played games, created beautiful pieces of art, and interacted with other children and volunteers. The event ended with refreshments and church pastor Rev. Emile Ennis giving words of encouragement and inviting the children to return to the church.
"These are very exciting times at Kings Memorial as we look forward to reaching more and more families in our community through this special ministry to children," said Rev. Ennis. "I am proud of Kings Memorial; from day one the entire congregation has given 100% of their support to make this ministry a success.  he Evangelism Team discovered that what worked in the past, no longer works in many communities today. Now the entire congregation looks forward to Kings Memorial coming alive once more with both the young and old. We give God the glory for the great thing he has done and is doing in our church."

He expressed great appreciation for the church's partners in ministry including the Matthews Initiative, led by Sharon Yancey, and the Korean Church of Atlanta UMC. 

"Pastors and youth from the Korean congregation along with adults and youth from Kings Memorial are providing support as we open our doors to the Edgewood Community," said Rev. Ennis. "Mrs. Yancey has provided outstanding leadership and we look forward to working with her in the future."
"We are looking forward to the future," he said.