LaGrange College Offers Virtual Lessons and Carols to UMCs


United Methodist-related LaGrange College, is sharing the school's musical gifts with our North Georgia Conference connection.

On December 6, LaGrange presented “Lessons & Carols” to the community. Following that performance, the school is digitally sharing the individual components of the 60-minute production for churches to use in virtual worship. Please note that you can use individual selections and/or the entire Lessons & Carols. 

"It is our desire to help supply beautiful musical content for Advent and Epiphany, so we’re packaging it to allow for great flexibility by congregations looking to augment their virtual worship services," said Dr. Susanna Baxter, LaGrange College President. 

To aid you in your planning, please note the following song selections (title, singers, run time):
Angels from the Realms of Glory - ​The LaGrange College Singers 3m 16s 
Lost in the Night - ​Emily Crowe, Tyra Crowe, Kyle Hildebrand 3m 16s 
Born in Me ​- Lauren Hicks 3m 4s 
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - ​Olivia White, Carter White 2m 7s 
A la Nanita Nana ​- Lauren Collins, Emily Crowe, Mikayla Drake 
Stevie Nix, Rebekah Powers 
1m 41s 
Gabriel’s Message ​- Kyle Hildebrand, Landon Bell 4m 25s 
Hallelu! - ​Stevie Nix, Joely Peterman 2m 35s 
Bring a Torch ​- LaGrange College Women's Chorus 2m 6s 
Sweet Little Jesus Boy ​- Babbie Mason 5m 51s 
I Do Believe ​- The LaGrange College Singers, Erika Hill (soloist) 3m 54s 
Peace on Earth ​- The LaGrange College Singers, Jaylynn Mangual (soloist) 3m 20s 

Editor's Note: Presenting this program with excellence visually, musically, and most importantly, safely, was no small feat for the LaGrange College music department. The students recorded their vocals individually. For the video, they kept 6 feet apart from one another in all directions and over 16 feet away from the technical crew. On cue, the students would remove their mask and put it in their folder or pocket, and lip-sync to the song. At the end of each camera take, they would immediately put their masks back on and remain silent until they were ready for the next "take."