Conference Nominations Deadline Approaching: Three Areas Need Nominees


Were you asked to serve last year? Please complete a form for 2021

The deadline for Nominations for North Georgia Conference Boards and Committees is March 31. Complete the Nominations Form to self-nominate if you are willing to serve, nominate someone else who would be a good fit, or make a nomination as part of a group. 

If you were asked to serve on a committee last year prior to the decision to extend committee membership and leadership an extra year, please complete a 2021 Nominations Form today to indicate your willingness to serve. 

A few boards and committees are in need of additional nominees for consideration:
  • The Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits has 10 openings for laity and 4 openings for clergy. (Nominations Form)
  • The Housing and Homeless Council has an opening for 1 clergyperson. (Nominations Form)
  • Latino Congregational Development has an opening for 1 member, lay or clergy. (Nominations Form)
While these three committees have the greatest need for nominations, nominations are still being accepted for all Committees with current openings. See the full list of committee descriptions here and the openings here

Find more information and make a nomination by the March 31 deadline at