Letter from Wesley Woods to Churches of the North Georgia Conference


Your church is an answer to prayer for the older adults of Wesley Woods because of the love and compassion you showed them by taking the Wesley Woods Mother's Day Offering!  

And who better to tell you about the impact of your gifts, than our beloved older adults and their grateful family members...
Ms. Vicki Hawes - Daughter of Wesley Woods Resident &
Ms. Roselle Burt - Mother & Wesley Woods Resident
Ms. Carolyn Webb, Wesley Woods Resident
We are aware that some churches are taking the offering in the next few weeks and are grateful to you also. (And if it's more convenient for you, please send your Mother's Day Offering directly to the Foundation of Wesley Woods at 1817 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30329).

Your partnership is vitally important to helping create a world where seniors can age with grace, dignity and purpose, no matter what financial challenges they face.

Thank you again for both your leadership and your congregation’s commitment to meeting the needs of North Georgia’s older adults. We are so incredibly blessed to be an elder care ministry of the North Georgia Conference and look forward to celebrating the success of this year’s Mother’s Day Offering with you in the upcoming months!
Grace & Peace,

Tracy Crump
United Methodist
Family Member of Wesley Woods Residents