Letter to the Conference from Keith Cox


To my brothers and sisters in the North Georgia Conference,

I've had the high honor to serve as your Treasurer for over 21 years. I've worked for three wonderful Bishops, each of whom brought a unique skill set and personality to their role. I have also worked with and for equally wonderful Committee and Board Chairs and members and staff. I've been positively influenced by, and learned from, too many people, lay and clergy, to name. All made me a better man and a stronger Christian.

You've laughed with me, supported me, sometimes disagreed with me, but have always shown me grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Thank you all for a tenure that has provided me opportunities for service that I couldn't have imagined 21 years ago. Thank you for your witness, your kindness, your patience and most of all, your friendship.

You are getting a great Treasurer with Allison Berg. If she receives the support that I did, and I believe she will, her tenure will be a superb one.

I pray blessings for you, our Conference and Connection as we face and live out the future.

With love and deep appreciation,

Keith Cox