Low Tech Tips for Keeping Your Congregation Connected


Some of the most meaningful ways congregations can stay connected in this season of social distancing take no advanced technology. 

Here are a few ideas we've gleaned from North Georgia Conference churches, like yours, in recent weeks:

  • Consider a congregational phone tree. Create a plan to connect every member with another member or church staff person by phone once a week. One creative congregation is asking members to call the person to the right of their picture in the church directory once a week!
  • Share ways members can give to the church:
    • by mailing a check
    • by calling their bank and asking the bank to set up a gift to the church using Bill Pay
    • by online giving
  • Lean into the Connection! Encourage members with an internet connection to stream another church’s service. Then, facilitate your own post-worship prayer and discussion. Let the church you'll be visiting virtually know in advance so that your members might be acknowledged and welcomed! 
  • Email or mail a worship/devotion guide to your congregation. Invite people to read it through and to know that others in the congregation are doing the same. 
  • Create a church Facebook group for discussion.
  • Set up a Zoom account. Invite your congregation to brief "Zoom at Noon" lunches for conversation and prayer. 
  • Low tech, high priority mission: Check your church for UMCOR Cleaning Buckets or leftover supplies. Each bucket has 5 n95 masks desperately needed by hospitals. If you have masks, contact your hospital about dropping them off. Check your nursery or kitchen for unpowdered gloves. Contact your hospital to see if the gloves are needed. 
Remember that it’s better to be genuine and authentic than to be perfect! Find many more resources for churches of every size at https://www.ngumc.org/covid-19-response-resources

Video Resources for Your Church Available Monday

On Monday, April 6, the Conference will offer several video resources for your local church to use on Easter Sunday. You can use the pieces however they are helpful. 
  • a brief message from Bishop Sue that can be used as part of your service or shared as a stand-alone piece
  • a music resource
  • and more