Meet the Consultant: David Walters Can Help You Start Something New


Rev. David Walters joined the Center for Congregational Excellence team in June as a consultant for New Church Development. We caught up with him to hear what’s inspiring him and what (besides serving in his full-time appointment at The Vine UMC) you might see him up to around the Conference. 

Q: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Morning person!!!

Q: What is at the top of your bucket list?
David: UNC vs Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Q: If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be and why?
David: I’d like to eat lunch with any of living Presidents of the United States. They have the most difficult job in the entire world, and I want to know why they did it, how they did it, and what makes them tick.

Q: Did you always want to be a preacher?
Absolutely not. I wanted to be a medical doctor, either a Pediatrician or Orthopedic Surgeon.  

Q: What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life?
I was a lifeguard at Lake Lanier Islands and I worked for the merchandise company at the Georgia Dome throughout High School. However, I’ve been on staff at a church since I was 18-years-old.

Q: In your role on the Congregational Excellence team, your work is to encourage others. How do you help church members live into their potential?
David: We’re about to do a message series called “Heromakers.” It’s about unleashing the potential of others. Since starting The Vine, I’ve tried to intentionally pastor by helping people identifying their own innate strengths, spiritual gifts, and life passions. When those are aligned as closely as possible, people come alive, live into their potential, and make a significant impact for the Kingdom of God.

Q: Your wife also works for The Vine Church as Children’s Director, what has it been like working with your wife?  
David: It started as a necessity, and now it’s a luxury. We had our difficult moments early in our tenures, but once I stopped being her supervisor, things improved significantly. It’s a privilege to see her thrive in calling, but it’s more of a privilege to be married to her.

Q: What advice would you give others who are thinking of working with their significant other?  
Let others make the decision to work together for you. Don’t supervise your spouse. Try to compartmentalize work conversations at work. Say things like, “I’m talking to you as a co-worker,” or “I’m talking to you as your spouse.”  

Q: What is your role on the Congregational Excellence team?  
David: The way I explain the position to people is that my role is to enlist, equip, and encourage pastors and churches who want to start new churches, campuses, or services.

Q: Do you have any tips or inspiration you’ve picked up in the past few months?  
The inspiration that I’ve picked up is from the Congregational Excellence staff. They’re excellent, both personally and professionally. I’ve loved getting to know them and getting to see their giftedness in service for God’s Kingdom and our Annual Conference.